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Bringing Home Your Volvo

The Volvo Home Shipment Program makes bringing a car back from Europe quick and easy. All you have to do is drive your Volvo to any of the 20 official Home Shipment Agents throughout Europe and present them with the Volvo Home Shipment voucher (plus any other required documents). They will then ship your Volvo to your U.S. retailer.?

Free shipping from Gothenburg
The Volvo Home Shipment Program handles most of the charges. In fact, shipping is free of charge as long as it happens within two/six months of pickup in Europe. You only pay to transport your Volvo from your preferred drop-off point to the final loading port. Or you can use the transport services from Gothenburg and pay nothing at all.

For Tourists, the Volvo Home Shipment Program is only valid for 2 or 6 months, depending on where you drop the car off.

In accordance with European customs regulations valid as from July 01, 2009 all Tourist cars must be exported from Europe (EU) within 6 months from delivery, provided the exportation is done from Sweden (includes our drop off locations Gothenburg (SE), Stockholm (SE), Drammen (NO) and Copenhagen (DK)). When using our other drop off locations (outside Scandinavia) the export declaration must be done when you take delivery of the car, which limits your use of the car in Europe to a maximum of 2 months.

Please see the Volvo Home Shipment Brochure for transport charges, payment methods and currency for each Home Shipment Agent. Appointment must be done with the Home Shipment Agent 4 days in advance.  Your local Home Shipment Agent is available to answer any questions you may have.

 Download the Volvo Home Shipment Brochure?

Additional Vehicle Drop-Off Points:?

 *Amsterdam, The Netherlands*Madrid, Spain
 *Aviano, Italy *Mildenhall, England
 *Bremerhaven, Germany *Nice, France
 *Brussels, Belgium *Paris, France
 *Copenhagen, Denmark*Rota , Spain
 *Drammen, Norway *Sindelfingen, Germany
 *Frankfurt, Germany *Stockholm, Sweden
 *Geneva, Switzerland *Zürich, Switzerland
 *Hamburg, Germany?    *London, England ?

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