Where To Find the Right Brakes For your Volvo

We highly recommend visiting a Volvo dealer when you need to care for the brakes and brake pads on your vehicle. When it comes to safety, you want to make sure the best people are taking care of your vehicle. This is especially true for critical items like your vehicle's brakes.  We are one of the top Volvo service dealers in the Houston, TX area and for good reason. 

We take care of our customers and do everything we can to help keep your brakes in top shape. Of course, many area drivers ask themselves "When do I need to have my brakes checked?" and we would like to offer some advice on that topic.

When to Service the Brakes on Your Volvo 

When your brakes start to go out, it's important to know the warning signs. You will need brake care or repair if the following starts happening to your vehicle: 

  • First, if you notice an abnormal sounds when braking or easing off the brakes you will want to get them checked. It's especially important to do so if you notice any changes in how your vehicle is driving.

  • Next, if you see a brake warning light on your vehicle's dashboard, the vehicle is indicating that your brakes need servicing. Specifically, this warning system is designed to let you know that your anti-lock braking system is not in optimal condition. This can affect your vehicle's emergency braking ability.

  • Finally, he third warning sign is when your brake system is spongy and slow to respond. This is a critical warning sign that you need to have your brakes serviced right away. Finally, you hear grinding and squealing during braking. That means your brakes are slowly failing and should be replaced as soon as possible.


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Service Your Brakes at DeMontrond® Volvo Cars

When looking to find the right brakes for your Volvo, rely on our service department to get the job done. That's because we have the specific brakes for each type of Volvo model. Also, our service team has serviced thousands of Volvo vehicles in Humble, TX. That means we know how to care for each Volvo's brake system. Our brake services include checking brake pads, checking brake fluid, brake inspection, and brake service.

At DeMontrond® Volvo Cars, we offer top service on all Volvo models including the XC60, XC90, S90 and more. To ensure that you get back on the road quickly, our service department will work diligently. We know it can be frustrating to wait while your vehicle is being serviced. Our Volvo tech team is trained to get the job done without wasting your time. When you have your vehicle serviced at DeMontrond® Volvo Cars, you have a team that will get the job done fast in the Tomball, TX area.

Stop by DeMontrond® Volvo Cars near Spring, TX for top quality brake repair and service. See why so many Volvo owners rely on our tech team. We look forward to caring for your Volvo and exceeding your expectations.

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