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New, 2023 Volvo S90 Mild-Hybrid Sedans for Sale in Houston

The new and revamped 2023 Volvo S90 offers "no-touch" sustainability for interested Houston shoppers. That is to say the new generation of Volvo powertrain lends the convenience of mild-hybrid powering without the need of a plugged-in charge.

Exciting as it is, DeMontrond Volvo Cars in Houston is currently featuring the 2023 Volvo S90 with other improvements applied to connectivity, performance and newly implemented equipment levels.

Drive a Luxury Car in Houston

There's something to the Volvo brand that speaks to progressiveness unseen elsewhere in Houston.

And with every new model year, that sense of innovation helps to disseminate certain values held closely by the brand itself. One primary focus being altruism.

Extended sustainable performance and occupant safety, the Houston driver is welcomed into an experience that's holistic. Nothing is left ignored or spared in promoting a safe kinetic space.

Enter the 2023 Volvo S90 luxury sedan.


Without requirement of a plugged-in charge, the 2023 Volvo S90 charges itself via the new mild-hybrid powertrain.

By making the most of driving in a literal sense, spent braking energy becomes a viable power source. This is then applied to moments of acceleration – an often fuel-consuming event.

As such, the Houston driver will earn 23 mpg within city limits and 32 mpg when traversing highways. All with lessened emissions released and cash saved in fuel not voraciously expended.

And then came the technology underpinning convenience in connectivity.


Another treat offered Houston shoppers are select Google applications embedded into the interior and voice commanded. These may also be integrated with home devices and controls.

By using the phrase "Hey Google," Google Assistant comes to life. It's then while driving shopping lists may be compiled, take-away food ordered and the quickest way out of Houston planned. Then Google Maps takes over with turn-by-turn directions.

And while en route, Google Play Store enables your favored applications, playlists and podcasts downloaded.


As with any Volvo model brought to market near Houston, the 2023 Volvo S90 provides a solution for almost any contingency.

Several tools and functions convene the all-encompassing assisted safety suite. From standard features of blind-spot detection and lane centering to forward- and rear-collision avoidance, nothing is left to chance – as much as Volvo engineers have duly and faithfully considered.

There's even an advanced air-purification system that scrubs cabin air of up to 95% of harmful particulates and molecular pollutants.

New Equipment Levels

For this new model year, the 2023 Volvo S90 luxury sedan is featured in two distinct equipment levels. Bear in mind, many new Volvo models play host to three such levels. Though, Volvo S90 stands apart in elegance and luxury combined.

Considering no one size will fits all Houston shoppers, the newly implemented equipment levels below are in keeping with unrepentant comfort:


The Plus equipment level offers a well-outfitted Volvo S90. Providing the features that most Houston shoppers expect of a Volvo luxury sedan, Plus offers that entry into richly appointed interiors and all those aspects comprising.

The following are highlighted aspects:

  • Panoramic moonroof extends across the entire cabin seating five passengers below.
  • Pilot Assist functions deliver Volvo-minted safety functions.
  • Leather upholstery and sculpted gear selector round out tactile treats.


The Ultimate equipment level is just that - the pinnacle in accoutrements offered Volvo S90. By welcoming all aspects of the Plus level, additional flourishes deliver a comprehensive, highly equipped model to savor.

Below are key features to Ultimate:

  • Harman Kardon sound is of pristine quality.
  • Front seats are leathered and ventilated.
  • Driver's head-up display offers a graphical dimension.

DeMontrond Volvo Cars - Start Your Volvo S90 Research From Your Houston Home

We encourage Houston shoppers to research all options toward purchasing or leasing a new Volvo. Be sure to shop our current Volvo offers, and take advantage of our online shopping tools to get started today. 

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