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Most drivers don't give their batteries a second thought until there's a problem. However, your car's battery may lose up to half of its power when the outside temperature drops below zero. Even though the Texas weather doesn't normally dip too far down, the last thing you'll need is a car that won't start! With these tips and seasonal battery service from DeMontrond Volvo Cars, you'll have the power you need all winter long.

  • Expert service from skilled technicians: Corrosion may hide under battery posts, and inside terminals, creating a poor connection and causing the battery to discharge or wear out prematurely. Every fall, you should have your vehicle's electrical system professionally inspected.
  • Proper maintenance: If you had your charging and starting system inspected in the spring, it's time to do it again once fall comes around. Cold mornings can greatly reduce your battery's starting power and damage other components.
  • Vehicle battery charging strategies: Keep your vehicle's battery in top condition with some simple at-home tips. A portable battery charger will help you maintain the proper charge level, as a fully-charged battery won't freeze as soon as one that's been discharged. Talk to an expert near Humble TX about battery charging best practices.
  • The details matter: Your battery posts, fasteners, and cables make a crucial difference in the way it operates. With seasonal service, we'll assess their condition and ensure that they're firmly attached to the car's battery.

At the end of a warm summer in Spring TX and Tomball TX, it's important to inspect your battery for corrosion and good cable connections. By maintaining your engine and periodically checking its coolant level, you'll maintain your battery's life throughout the colder months. We're here to help you keep your Volvo running great with our OEM parts, so be sure to schedule your seasonal inspection and with our service center before it's too late!

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