Looking to have your brake system serviced this autumn? At DeMontrond Volvo Cars, we work to make it affordable for you to have your brake system serviced or replaced before the winter comes because we know how hard winter can be on your brakes. If you're not quite sure which service you need, bring your car to Houston, TX, where we will do a full inspection on your vehicle to give you the advice you need in moving forward on your brake service.

What type of brake services do we offer?

  • Brake Flush - Flushing out the old brake fluid is a necessary service to perform if your brake fluid reservoir is looking dark and groggy; keeping good brake fluid in the system is crucial to a healthy functioning brake system.
  • Replacing Pads And Rotors - At DeMontrond Volvo Cars, we will replace your brakes with all new rotors and brake pads to eliminate hard braking and the rumbling that occurs when the brakes are worn. Drum brakes? No problem. At our dealership, we are equipped to handle any and all of your brake systems needs so you can focus less on being worried about brake performance, and stay more focused on reaching your destination safely.
  • Full Braking System Rebuild - Sometimes it's necessary to switch out the brake calipers or replace seals that are broken if your brakes are no longer functioning like they are supposed to. Leaky brake line? You don't want to risk not being able to stop your vehicle; we advise that if you are losing brake fluid to have the issue resolved immediately because we care about your safety.

Fall is the best time to give your brakes a look and make sure they are set for winter. So, when you're in the Houston, TX, area this autumn season, come and visit us at DeMontrond Volvo Cars. Our service center and parts center would love to help any of our Humble TX, Spring TX, Tomball TX, or beyond drivers today!

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