Volvo S60 R-Design Pinnacle of Automotive Achievement

Discover what the world's most discerning drivers have already learned about Volvo. This luxury automaker continues to deliver some of the finest vehicles on the road today, including the new S60 R-Design. This popular AWD sports sedan is the pinnacle of automotive achievement and the Volvo enthusiasts at Demontrond Volvo Cars in Houston, TX want to show you why when we demonstrate to you all its unique features.

Volvo prides itself on its long list of options and trims, giving drivers ultimate control over the design of their new vehicle. Buyers will delight in the many exterior color choices of the S60 R-Design, including the bold Fusion Red Metallic, the soothing Birch Light Metallic, and the striking Denim Blue Metallic.

The patented R-Design gearshift knob fits comfortably in your hand, giving you the feeling of being in total control. The premium leather-wrapped knob makes driving a breeze while enhancing the R-Design's comfort features.

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