Safety by Headlight Restoration

Driving in severe weather or at night means your headlights need to be bright and unobstructed. Sadly, they get dirty and covered in insects, mud and other nasty residues no matter what you do. Fortunately, a few tricks make it easy to restore your headlights, and help keep the streets of Houston safer for everyone.

Insect Repellant

This is the strongest makeshift trick, which cuts through darn near anything. Unfortunately, it also will eat through paint and finishes sometimes, meaning you need to be super careful with it. However, if you can do this safely, it is a reliable way to get your headlights clean.


Not unlike repellants, toothpaste cleans a lot of nasty stuff off your headlights, though it’s weaker than insect repellant by a decent measure. However, it’s safe for your paint.


Put simply, don’t use these, period.

We’re happy to show you more tricks or introduce you to professional DIY kits to restore your headlights, so come to our service center at DeMontrond Volvo Cars right away.

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