Hands-Free iOS has Never Been Better Thanks to Apple CarPlay

Using your smart device on the road is straight up not safe. Unfortunately, we’re all unavoidably dependent on this technology even when driving. We need directions, the ability to handle incoming and outgoing calls on the fly, and we can’t live without our NPR or Spotify now can we?

Of course, systems to integrate your iPhone into your vehicle are not new – but they were never truly hands-free or really that integrated. Apple has decided that enough is enough, and they’ve teamed up with lead automotive companies to create CarPlay – an integrated dash display, on-wheel controls and full-featured hands-free voice commands via Siri.

This is truly an extension to your Apple device, providing quick-glance displays and access to all your road-safe apps with your vehicle’s excellent sound system. Never be lost, never be unprepared, never be bored and above all else, never be unsafe thanks to CarPlay.

This technology has some growing pains, as Apple’s iOS has its share of eccentricities it needs to evolve beyond. However, this is the most smooth integration yet done and it has a bright future ahead of it.

To find out more about CarPlay-enabled vehicles available in Houston, visit us at DeMontrond Volvo Cars for a demonstration today.

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