Stylish Accents on the Volvo V90

When you approach other drivers on the road in Houston, what does your vehicle's front-end design say about you? The Volvo V90 has a beautiful front-end that's dripping in style and elegance. We here at DeMontrond Volvo Cars are excited to show you how great this popular luxury wagon looks in person.

One of the most prominent features of the V90 is the grille. It covers a significant portion of the vehicle's width. The grille is covered in a mirror chrome finish that demands attention. When it comes to style, this element doesn't disappoint. It features modern vertical bars and the iconic Volvo logo.

Surrounding the grille, you'll find angular headlamps. They look relatively simple at first glance. That is, however, until you turn them on. LED daytime running lights make sure that you are seen at all times. Numerous bulbs are used to create a ribbon of light. The ribbon takes on a sideways "T" shape to perfectly frame the front hood.

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