Volvo V60 Inscription Trim Overview

Our team here at DeMontrond Volvo Cars in Houston, TX knows a high-quality car when we see one. The new Volvo V60 Inscription is the epitome of luxury. The sought-after mid-sized sports wagon is filled with sophisticated touches. It has beautiful materials that are comfortable and stylish.

The Inscription has driftwood inlays throughout the cabin. The material is used to blend nature with modern technology. You can find it on the console, door panels, and around the high-tech amenities. The wood is treated for lasting protection. However, the finishing process doesn't take away any of the natural properties of the wood. You'll be able to see its grain and organic features clearly.

The wood complements the leather seats in the Volvo V60 Inscription. The material is very smooth and soft to the touch. It's also tough enough to resist damage. The seats feature plenty of padding to keep you comfortable. They also have large bolsters to hug your body around every curve.

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