Benefits of the Volvo XC60 Features for Houston Drivers

Our previous posting in the DeMontrond Volvo blog concerned the different trim levels available for the new XC60. To quickly review, the Volvo XC60 is a luxury crossover SUV with available T5 and T6 trim levels featuring varying engine options. One reason for our focus on this particular vehicle is that we have an impressive selection of new XC60 models for sale or lease today. However, it is the high levels of popularity of the XC60 SUV with local drivers in Houston (who are also our customers) that leads us to keep so many of these vehicles in stock. Based on the feedback from drivers who’ve bought or leased the XC60 from us recently remarked on its design and performance aspects as key selling points, but it was the interior features of the SUV that had won over so many of them. At the center of the dashboard, for example, there is a digital touchscreen on which drivers and passengers can utilize infotainment applications pertaining to navigation, communications, and entertainment. The ample rear seating space, moreover, offers plenty of space, parents tell us, for car seats or more grown children to sit comfortably and stay preoccupied on long or short-distance drives—and given the long highways and regular traffic in Houston, anything to keep the kids happy is welcome. Meanwhile, when the rear seats are vacant, however, the trunk space in the XC60 can expand to fit in musical instruments or bicycles, which are two very popular hobbies in our region of Texas. To see the interior of the XC60 for yourself, simply visit our new inventory or showroom for a guided tour!

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