Did Something Hit Your Windshield?

If something flew up and hit your windshield and left a crack or a chipped area in the glass, don't feel alone. It happens every day, all the time. Glass, rocks, pieces of metal and other debris might fly into your windshield so fast that you can't really tell what hit you. Depending on the size and speed of the object, it can do very little or an extreme amount of damage.
A crack in your windshield can present a hazard to you and other drivers if it impairs your vision of the road. Plus, even the smallest chip can weaken the glass and lead to larger cracks. Your windshield will shatter if it is not replaced. A shattered windshield is a danger to life and property.
If you want a windshield replaced with original factory specifications, give us a call. Our windows will fit and be installed exactly as they are at the factory. Don't hesitate if your windshield needs replacing. Give us a call!
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