Meet the Elegantly Scandinavian Volvo S90

The midsize luxury segment is full of names that have decades or more of legacy under their collective belts. So when Volvo came to the fold with the all-new 2017 S90 sedan, many wondered if it would leave a mark. That seems to be the case, especially according to reviewers, who have taken the S90’s unique take on luxury and embraced it.

The S90 isn’t a sport sedan, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t given up on performance entirely. Those who opt for the T6 will love the lag-less 316 horsepower from the 2.0-liter supercharged/turbocharged four-cylinder with its power, road handling, and steering. Yet it’s the experience within the cabin that makes the S90 truly unique among its peers. With laid-back Scandinavian style and state-of-the-art tech, including semi-autonomous characteristics, the S90 is a sedan to be noticed.

To meet the 2017 S90 for yourself, why not stop by the home of the local experts at our Volvo dealership in Grand Rapids, MI? We’d be more than happy to fix you up with a test drive.

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