Connect with Your Volvo in so Many Ways—Volvo On Call

When you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, it can be almost overwhelming trying to sort through the sea of available features to find the ones you know you want. If that sounds like you, here’s a video from Volvo going over one of the features we’re sure you’ll want on your next new Volvo model: Volvo On Call—your car at your command with just the touch of a button. Check it out!

Volvo On Call is a human-centric technology available on most new Volvos model year 2012 or later. It goes beyond simple human-car connection and helps you integrate your entire life with your vehicle, so it serves you, not the other way around. The Volvo On Call app allows you to remotely control the climate of your vehicle using your smartphone, but that’s just the start. You can also access your car’s dashboard, checking your door lock status, fuel level, and maintenance warnings. The Driving Journal feature logs start/end positions, distance traveled, duration, and fuel consumption. You can even download this data onto your computer for personal record keeping. The Volvo On Call gives you so many ways to tailor your driving experience perfectly to your life, you might just feel like you’re your own chauffeur.

When you rely on your car for so much, being able to control the little things, like your climate and directions, and you should also be able to count on it for the big things, like emergency support, roadside assistance and automatic collision alert. The Volvo On Call app gives you so many ways to connect your vehicle to your life, you might just be surprise. If you’re curious about how the Volvo On Call app could fit into your life, come see us at DeMontrond® Volvo, located on 14101 North Freeway, Houston. Someone from our friendly sales team will be happy to show you our wide selection of new and pre-owned Volvo models, and once you find the model that makes your heart sing, make sure it has Volvo On Call factory installed so you can make the most of your drive.

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